Monday, October 13, 2014

Shut Up & Drive

I really don't remember exactly when or why I started this painting. The reference I originally started out using was a self portrait of a fast halloween costume I had thrown together for a party. If I had to guess, I would say it was at least 6 years ago. All I know is that the last time I worked on it  before this year was when I first became pregnant. I never touched it again until a few months ago.  

I wish I had a picture from just before this progress shot but oh well. Man that background was wild haha I used to just throw paint down and see where it ended up. On a good day it was beautiful, and then there were off days like this one lol. 

Ohhkay ohhkay she's coming together, I can dig it…by this point, I was already free styling it, no reference. I don't even know what happened to that picture of myself, otherwise I'd have posted it too. 

I'm learning that I love painting roses.

Bam! Where the hell did that car come from ahahaha! Well working on this I wanted to start another collage piece, so I was searching through the archives of vintage magazines. I came across a huge car add, with all kinds of beautiful old school cars. This one got cut out immediately, and I was going to put it on something else but I was messing around with it on this girl. It matched too well with her so I decided to throw it on. I really didn't know where I was going with this, and then something just clicked. 

"Shut Up & Drive" is dedicated to all those nights of jumping on the road with no destination, just because I needed to think. When I look at this painting I'm reminded of those drives where there was no talking just driving and music blasting. It was refreshing, now that I'm older and a mom I can't just go for a cruise in the middle of the night lol plus I ain't trying to waste all that gas, man I got bills to pay! hahahaha