Sunday, October 26, 2014

San Jose's Dia De Los Muertos Festival

In celebration of a very beautiful day, I decided to post the flicks I took. I haven't been to a Dia De Los Muertos Festival in years, so I was excited to attend this one. The weather and the atmosphere were the perfect combination . I wasn't able to get many pictures of the vendors there, because hanging out with my little girl definitely keeps me busy, but there was some amazing art and music! 

Check it out…

There were some pretty fly cars at the festival right when you walked in. They had beautiful alters in the trunks, my favorite car is posted on my photography blog: NiftyVeePhotography

Flores de papel. 

My angel, she wouldn't sit still for a second! lol 

My girl. 

This lovely woman was kind enough to pose for me. Thank you! 

Check out this song I came across the other night Fiesta De Barrio, by Tijuana No