Thursday, June 13, 2013

Photo Shoot w/ Force129

A few months back, I had the pleasure of collaborating with my love, Fernando aka Force129. We did a photo shoot featuring his recently launched clothing line of Tshirts.  This collection features four different designs, and he worked with two different models for his look book.

Well one of the models, Lacy is actually a makeup artist, she did her own looks for two of the designs. The other model, Alexis was my canvas for the project.

This was the first time doing makeup on someone that was not a part of my family, or close friend. So to be honest, I was kind of nervous about this project. It was pretty cool, how easy she was to work with though. I love it when you meet people that are so laid back, and carry a positive energy with them, it makes situations comfortable and less nerve racking when doing something so personal like makeup. For some makeup artists this may not be the case but, for me doing makeup is personal because, you are all up in each others personal space, smelling each others breath! lol! I'm kidding, but then again I'm not. It's weird but it's honest, and that's just how I see it, so I made sure not to eat onions that day!

We started the shoot at a warehouse downtown San Jose, where Fernando painted a piece inside. I set up shop and laid out all of my supplies from my small kit. At the time I had just found a vintage jewelry carrier that I was so excited to use, so I used it for some brushes, single shadows and lipsticks. Once we got started, I immediately stepped into the zone, and started painting her face.

Lets check it out....

I had several different palettes; NYX Makeup Artist Kit, and Urban Decay's NYC and Naked Palette.

I chose to use different greens for the shadow because it reminded me of a consistent color Fernando uses in his work.

                                                   Check out this awesome piece by FORCE

I love me some winged liner, so I had to throw some on my model too! I used L'Oreal Infallible Lacquer Liner in Blackest Black. It's a gel liner that glides on so smooth, I love it!

Alexis reminds me of my girl Amy Winehouse here. I brought some fake lashes, but didn't end up using them, look at how long this girl's lashes are! So beautiful and natural!

                                           "Alright Mr, DeMille, I'm ready for my close up."

                                                      Alexis is wearing "Snake Bite"

This is an electrical box that Fernando painted for The Art Box Project of San Jose. This box was amazing, I love this character here, there was also one on the other side as well. Unfortunately the new owner of the house this is in front of hella hated and buffed it. Luckily we got some photos of it, and used it in the photo shoot.

I love this photo! It's so much fun and this shirt is one of my favorites! Like I said, Alexis was so much fun to work with, fearless, fun, and humble. Definitely cant wait to work with her again.

Much thanks for checking this out, it was a fun project and the tshirts are available now in sizes: S, M, L, and XL. These designs are so versatile they can be worn so many different ways, and they are so comfy! To support and get yours visit

Thanks again and much love...