Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Murs - God's Work

My new theme song haha "It seems i have 15 minutes to make the 20 min ride it takes to get to work, so i fly out the door while i'm putting on my shirt, start the car and then i'm off to get in trouble with my boss, he runs his mouth like a lil bitch, sometimes i wish he'd lay me off so i can lay him out with one little punch to his fat ass mouth, but now i'm assed out cuz these fools on the freeway be driving like they aint got no where to go, you know those fucks in the fast lane movin hella slow. got me yellilng out my windshield, now its like 10 till, i wanna call in, man i think it everyday but i'm not ballin so i gotta go get paid and continue the sherade of customer service, since i dont get commission my efforts seem worthless, thanks and have a nice day cuz what i gotta say even if they were rude and gave me attitude, its a shame what i have to do to get rent and food, i work hard. God dam hard..."